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What is Kickstarter?

You've probably heard me say "Kickstarter" more than a few times, but do you know what it is?

Simply put, it's a crowd-funding platform.

Creators (that's me!) put together a project they need funding for. They include the details of the project, the amount they are asking for, what they need funds for, they usually list timelines, and tell you why this project should be funded. Projects range from publishing and film, to games, music, and design and tech.

Each project has rewards. These are at the discretion of the creator and can be pretty much anything! For children's book projects, you'll typically see signed copies of the book, stickers, bookmarks, and other items that complement the project.

Backers are people who give to the project (hopefully you!). Backers give money to fund the project and receive the rewards at the reward level they choose. There are usually additional add-ons as well and an option to give without receiving a reward (for those who believe in it, but don't want any tangible rewards).

Here's the kicker with Kickstarter. It's an all-or-nothing platform. So if the funding goal set by the creator is not reached in the specified timeframe for the campaign, the creator gets NOTHING! And while you'll need to input your payment amount when you "back the project," you won't be charged until the end of the project timeline AND ONLY if the funding goal is reached.

Kickstarter also takes out fees if the goal is reached, which is to support the platform.

Kickstarter is not a donation. It's not tax-deductible for backers. It's a way to support projects you want to see out in the world. In many cases, such as mine, it is also a way to pre-order and get some extras before it hits the market!

There are some amazing projects that have been started from a Kickstarter. Check out this list of 27 of the most funded Kickstarter projects.

I'm narrowing in on my Kickstarter launch date, which will be set this week, most likely for mid- to late January. So make sure to subscribe to my newsletter for updates and information on the launch date and what rewards I'll be including!


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