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Book Review: April's Magical World and Her Joy For Living Slow

I had the privilege to meet author Kizzy Petit last year through a leadership training and we instantly bonded over our children, our love for the written word, and our journey's to becoming children's authors.

I am so excited to be able to share her first (of four) children's books with you.

About the Author

I am a children's book author whose passion for writing has been my preferred way to express myself since a very young age. I have a journalism background and teaching experience, but once I became a mother, I shifted my perception of life. This led me to be an advocate of mindful parenting and to choose an alternative path of education for my daughter, Abril.

Inspiration for This Book

My daughter is my inspiration for writing fun rhyming stories about the wonders of a slow childhood, in tune with nature and imagination. On my journey as a parent in the last seven years, I have learned that young children learn best through their senses and their experiences with art, stories, movement, and nature, and when they are unperturbed by time and when they engage their head, heart, and hands.

Why This Book?

This picture book speaks about the wonders of enjoying life as it is right now, in the present moment. A celebration for slow-paced living, April's Magical World and her joy for living slow introduces us to a joyful childhood filled with play in nature, a free and wild imagination, and interconnectedness to all living beings.

What Have You Enjoyed Most About Writing and/or Publishing?

I enjoy the fact of feeling free to write about something that I feel is very important to preserve in the current world: childhood. That’s why I really appreciate not having the pressure of any external party taking decisions or making judgements about my work.

What is Something That Has Surprised You During Your Book Publishing Journey?

I have enjoyed every step of this publishing journey at its best. I knew it was going to be hard work, for sure. However, I acknowledge that I underestimated the amount of working hours that would lead me to less sleep. There are so many levels of details to take care of, and I feel very proud of myself for having embraced each one with a curious and open to change mentality.

What Advice Would You Give to Aspiring Authors?

Write! Don’t hesitate if you feel a passion for writing. Just go for it! If you don’t find any agents or any publisher wants to accept your manuscript, then self-publish your work. But don’t quit and don’t feel discouraged.

Book Description: April is a little girl with a full heart and lots of imagination. She begins her morning with breakfast and soon ventures off outside to find magical friends, investigate curiosities, and enjoy the simple, slow pleasures of being a child.

(Katie) Cover Review: I love the eye-catching soft watercolor cover and immediately think of my children in this picture as they also enjoy the outdoors. I really love the details in the text treatment, using a leaf, flower, and star in the title.

(Kids) Cover Review:

(8-yr-old): The cover is amazing. I love the big tree and the animals.

(Katie) Story Review: This a sweet story about a little girl named April and what a day looks like in her slow-paced life. From her morning porridge and painting to heading outside to climb trees, play with her cat, and find some magical friends, April shows us the magic around us if we choose to use our imagination and believe. She finds gnomes, fairy doors, and spends hours in a tree. And no matter the weather, April finds joy in being outside with her friends. At the end of the day, she shares her adventures with her mom while snuggling into bed, a heart and mind full of new stories and fun.

(Kids) Story Review:

(8-yr-old): The story was really good because it had a lot of details about what April likes to do. I like to climb our apple tree. I also play games where you have to find out the password, so we had something in common. I do have a lot of imaginary friends as well!

My favorite part of the book is when they built the home for the fairy and the magic stones they buried in the sand. I like treasure hunts and having fun.

I think the illustrations are beautiful and realistic.

(Katie) Overall: I love the whole aesthetic of the book, which complements the living slow theme. From the soft watercolor illustrations to pages that aren't overloaded with too many elements, it really promotes the author's message. I completely saw my children in this book. They love playing outdoors, coming up with their own games and adventures, and using their imagination. I think this is a really important book right now, especially as kids become more and more inundated with distractions from living their childhood. This book really promotes the simplicity of letting kids be kids and giving them the time to do so without influence.

I also enjoyed the additional tips provided in the back of the book, which include ideas for getting outside as well as tips for mindful parenting and leading children in a slower-paced life.


Interested in adding April's Magical World to your library? Book details and where you can find it are listed below!

Title: April's Magical World and Her Joy for Living Slow

Author: Kizzy Petit

Publisher: Self-Published

Details: For children 4-8 years old

Currently available at: Amazon Kindle and on April's Magical World Website

Twitter: @aprils_magical

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