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What Others Are Saying


Kara P.

"Five stars! This book is a fantastic resource to educate kids and families about food allergies. As an educator who has students with food allergies and as a parent of a child who does not have food allergies, this book did a great job of providing important information in a fun way. It offers recommendations of how to be inclusive of kids with food allergies and potentially life-saving tips for how to prevent and respond to allergic reactions. Not only will kids with food allergies be able to relate to this book, but it will be a great resource in building empathy, knowledge, and inclusive action among those who do not. I highly recommend this book to teachers, health educators, and families both within and outside of the food allergy community." 

Keke Powell, Elementary Teacher (TX)

"The resources allows the students to process what they have learned. They are able to reflect on their reading and themselves. I loved how I was able to practice retelling the story and also hitting their SEL needs with talking about gratitude and self-care. My students enjoyed the extensions and I loved seeing how deep some of them got with their writing."

Kathleen R.

“Reading this with my children gave all of us an appreciation for what other kids go through and think about with food allergies. My husband has a tree nut allergy so it gave us a chance to talk about some of the precautions we take that the kids weren’t even aware of. And the illustrations are beautiful. Thanks for bringing this book into the world!”

Noah R. (Age 11)

“I learned about little bumps on the skin being hives and I learned how to say words that are impossible to pronounce. And I learned why one my friends with food allergies brings his own lunch to school every day”.

Suzi Hinck, MS, RDN, LD
Dietitian and Founder of The Parenting Dietitian

"As a dietitian and mom, I was intrigued by this book! Even though I am professionally trained in nutrition, it was so helpful to read this book from the perspective of a family managing food allergies on a daily basis. My daughters found the book interesting and helpful in understanding how life is different for some of their classmates and friends who have food allergies. This is a great book to spread awareness to families who do not have food allergies so that we can better understand what others are going through, foster empathy and inclusivity, and offer a helping hand when it is needed."


"My children with eczema and allergies could really relate to Charlie! It brought comfort to my child, knowing that there's another child like her who also had to abstain from sweet treats and snacks in parties and/or social gatherings.

The book is beautifully illustrated - providing a snippet to what a family with allergies is familiar with (e.g. hospital clinic setting, skin prick test, red spots and rash on skin) yet showing us that there’s beauty in the midst of it all.

It introduces, explains and breaks down some allergies-related jargons through a child's lens, making it easy for anyone to understand. We particularly loved how the author depicts that we are more than itchy skin + foods we cannot eat. It portrays that children with eczema and allergies are conquerors because medical conditions do not stop them from enjoying a vibrant, happy life. It provides hope for those struggling.

It is also a good educational resource for everyone to have a more accurate understanding on what allergies are, and the potential dangers that may arise when we downplay an individual's allergen(s). We appreciate how this book promotes sensitivity and inclusivity for children with food allergies in social setting.

Please do give this a read and PASS IT ON!"

Katie R.

"This book should be in every educator's classroom! Charlie Learns About Her Food Allergies is the perfect book to educate children and adults about food allergies. As a retired teacher who had to have many discussions with non-allergic children’s parents as to why we were asking them not to send peanut butter sandwiches in their children’s lunches, I would have loved to have been able to share this amazing book with them. It would also have been wonderful to have had this book in my classroom to share with all of my students. It’s an excellent tool to help kids understand why they or some of their friends can’t eat certain foods. The illustrations are beautiful and the facts are explained in an easy to understand and very relatable way."

David Stukus, MD
Board Certified Pediatric Allergist/Immunologist

"As a pediatric food allergy specialist, I meet many families who struggle when their child is diagnosed with food allergies. This wonderful book offers a positive approach and will help countless children and their families reframe the negative stigma that often accompanies this diagnosis. I hope Charlie helps children see how truly special they are, regardless of their food allergies!"

Jessica M.

“Charlie Learns About Her Food Allergies” by Katie Holl is a fun and imaginative, yet informative and vital story about a brave little girl named Charlie and her journey in learning how she is different from other kids. The illustrations are colorful, adorable and full of so many little delightful details. The story is engaging and immersive while showing how one can be brave when facing the unknown and learning about something new. It’s an essential book to introduce and really explain the ins and outs of food allergies and one that every parent should have to help their kids learn about a very common problem that many have, but many may not actually know about."

Shelby P.

"Charlie Learns About Her Food Allergies" is a fun and colorful story that captivates and educates anyone - whether they are closely impacted by food allergies or not."

Jennifer Klesman, LCSW

"Everyone with school-aged children, with or without their own food allergies, needs to read this book! It brings light to the severity of food allergies showing up in children while explaining them in terms that are easy to understand. I realized how little I knew, even as an adult, about the extent that food allergies impact the lives of children and how allergies can change their social and emotional interactions with the world. This book gives light on how a child would interpret the impact allergies have on their lives and causes them to handle what can be a serious issue at a very young age. Most importantly, this is the sort of book that creates empathy for the struggles of others that children can learn early on and then will carry with them throughout their lives."

Glory E.

"I love the first person point of view from Charlie and how relatable it is! She breaks down vocabulary and that's so helpful for a child or an adult. The illustration is beautiful and I found it educational and entertaining. I also loved the jokes at the beginning and end."

Readers' Favorite_5star-shiny-web.png

By Diana Lopez

"Food allergies cannot be cured, but their impact can be controlled. Parents should talk to their children about allergies to help them manage the situation. If children understand enough about the subject, they will cope better. They will also accept that they cannot always eat the same foods as others, but that there are safe alternatives. Charlie Learns About Her Food Allergies has all the necessary information. Charlie is the perfect character to explain everything you need to know. She is a cheerful girl, who was allergic to some foods from a very young age. She explains skin reactions, how to recognize symptoms, the medical tests that are performed, and the top nine food allergens. Katie Holl includes sections at the end of the book with additional information such as tips on how to care for or help people with food allergies.

Charlie Learns About Her Food Allergies is a wonderful book that is useful for both children and adults. The content is well described and children will understand more about allergies, while parents will know what measures to take. I liked the narrative style and that the important words are in another color and can be readily identified. Charlie is an engaging character and her story is helpful to those who suffer from food allergies. Katie Holl makes a great contribution to creating awareness of this topic. Food allergies are a significant problem that is becoming more widespread. This book will help generate inclusion among children because they will learn to accept their differences."

Readers' Favorite 5-Star Review

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