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Book Review: Nicholas' Nut-Free Christmas

Author Danielle Lynn reached out to me one day and asked if she could send me her book, Nicholas' Nut-Free Christmas. I was so excited for so many reasons. First, because someone wrote another book about food allergies! And about the holidays, which are coming up. And because the main character was a boy - another character my son can relate to!

About the Author & Inspiration for This Book

I’ve always had a passion for helping children. It was not until recently I discovered a passion for writing children’s literature.

My husband grew up with severe food allergies. While listening to his stories of growing up with these allergies the stories that stuck with me the most were the times he felt isolated.

I wrote this book because I want children with food allergies to be brave. I want them to feel comfortable speaking up when they are put in unsafe situations. Most of all I want them to know they are not alone.

What Have You Enjoyed Most About Writing and/or Publishing?

The best part for me is hearing from families who tell me Nicholas’ story helped them or inspired them in some way.

What is Something That Has Surprised You During Your Book Publishing Journey?

I’m always surprised how people react when I tell them I published a book. To me it’s just something fun I did and I’m proud of it. But, I don’t realize how big of a deal it really is until someone else points it out!

What Advice Would You Give to Aspiring Authors?

My advice is that if you want to publish a book just do it! It’s not as hard as you think and it’s well worth it!

Book Description: Nicholas is excited to celebrate Christmas with his family and friends. There is just one problem, his Grandma is insisting on making her “famous” pecan pie and since Nicholas is allergic to nuts he is determined to change her mind! This introduction to nut allergies will show children how to confidently navigate their food allergies. Nicholas never lets his allergy hold him back!

(Katie) Cover Review: I like how the cover is a sweet scene of a family holiday dinner. Between the title and the illustration, you immediately know what the book is about.

(Kids) Cover Review:

(8-yr-old): I like that they were together for a nice feast.

(Katie) Story Review: Danielle packed a lot of food allergy lessons in one sweet book surrounding one event - Christmas. I enjoyed how she illustrated different scenarios that food allergy kids face frequently: Food in the classroom, both from crafts as well as from treats being handed out, holiday feasts, and family members who may not be as understanding of food allergies.

I enjoyed how she focused on the positive side of how to handle these situations and especially how Nicholas uses his voice and finds a solution that not only keeps him safe, but carries on the traditions his Grandma holds close. I've always said for food allergy kids that they can do anything anyone else can, but it just sometimes looks a little different, and this book is a great example of showing what that difference is in such an empowering way.

(Kids) Story Review:

(8-yr-old): I like the details. Like when he was speaking up to his teacher and told her that he couldn't eat the peanuts. I like how he tries to solve the problem of helping his Grandma make a different kind of pie.

I also liked learning about cross-contamination. About not using the same spoon for different foods.

What I like about Nicholas is that he's always trying to help. I liked that his parents help him learn to read labels. I like that he wanted to make it fun for everyone, including him.

My favorite part of the book is when he calls his Grandma and works everything out. I would recommend that other kids read it.

I like the details in the illustrations, like the gingerbread house and clock.

(Katie) Overall: I think this book did a great job highlighting some common, but often not understood or recognized challenges with food allergies. I really appreciated the positive approach, empowerment, and persistence of Nicholas. The style of illustrations is cute. The colors are a little muted for my personal taste for a children's book, but that doesn't matter to me because the message is what's most important and this has a great many lessons!


Interested in adding Nicholas' Nut-Free Christmas to your library? Book details and where you can find it are listed below!

Title: Nicholas' Nut-Free Christmas

Author: Danielle Lynn

Publisher: Self-Published

Details: Softcover, 36 pages

Currently available at: Amazon

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