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My name is Katie and I am a first-time (soon-to-be published) author of a children's book about food allergies, titled Charlie Learns About Her Food Allergies.


For nine years now we have managed food allergies for all three of our kids. We've learned a lot along the way and now get to share those experiences with others in the most appropriate format I could think of - children's books! 


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Charlie Learns About Her Food Allergies!

Charlie is a funny, creative, caring young girl who shares her experience with readers on how she finds out and learns about her multiple food allergies. In an engaging and informative manner, Charlie shares ways she stays safe, how her parents support her, and how to be included. Most importantly, Charlie discovers that her unique difference has taught her some amazing life skills!


Food allergies can be confusing and scary and a diagnosis comes with many changes. 

Charlie Learns About Her Food Allergies is the first book in a collection focused on educating children (and all readers) about living with food allergies. From lifestyle changes to learning allergy-specific terms, this book provides a great balance between story and education - all shared from a child's perspective. 

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Illustrations by Beth Snider.


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